First Christian Church of North Kansas City


* As a Congregation

First Christian Church of North Kansas City was founded in 1923 by a group of families who completely trusted and believed in their calling to establish a body of believers in our community. In fact, they believed in this calling so much that they mortgaged their own homes in order to purchase a portion of the land on which our church has been worshipping and ministering for the last 83 years!

A basement structure was eventually constructed on the property that these families obtained and, after worshipping in this underground place for a period of more than five years, a sanctuary was finally erected above the basement area. This worship space, now utilized as a fellowship hall, still stands on the corner of Gentry and 21st Street.

In 1952, nearly thirty years later, adjacent homes were purchased, removed and converted into our current educational wing.

Fifteen years after that, in 1967, our modern sanctuary was completed and dedicated. This was one of the first sanctuaries in the United States to be constructed in the round, as opposed to the typical rectangle shaped worship structure. People traveled from all corners of the States to view this new and cutting-edge worship structure.

Our story, of course, continues. In 2002, this worship space was completely renovated. In the years following, we were able to acquire additional parking space, as well as the building and property that currently occupy Armour Road immediately to our South. While we do not have immediate plans for this property, we believe that numerous and exciting potential exists for future development.

The history of our church serves as a testimony to the continued expansion and growth of God’s kingdom in our church and in our community. As such, we are convinced that God will guide and lead and grow our fellowship of faith as long as we continue to place our trust in his provision and his promises.

As we recall the history of our church, it is most important to state that it is not a history of physical acquisition or expansion that we choose to celebrate. We choose, instead, to remember the lives that have been touched and changed on this Holy Ground.

At First Christian Church of North Kansas City, we celebrate the new spaces and places that He has entrusted into our care, and we are grateful for the numerous and continued opportunities He has given to us to perpetuate the proclamation of His Word and His Will.

God has not led us this far to abandon us now. We believe that. Furthermore, we believe that the best is yet to come.

Welcome to a small portion of God’s story. Welcome to our story. We hope that you will consider playing a part in this divine drama. The casting call is open and every person has a part to play. Response and receptiveness are all that are required.