First Christian Church of North Kansas City

Hot Dog Ministry​

In 2004, a couple of church members noticed how many young people from North Kansas City High School walked by our facilities at noon. The late Joyce Kenslow, among others, started an event called “Hot Dog Ministry.” Every Wednesday at lunchtime, our doors are open to serve anyone who desires a free hot dog, soda and bag of chips. We’ve found that, for some unfortunate highschoolers and local homeless, this may be the only lunch they get.

With twenty or so volunteers during the ‘busy’ school season, Disciples Hall fills with the smell of hot dogs and then follows with the cacophony of happy young voices as they enjoy lunch with friends. There are about 1,000 people fed each week. Through the years, we have served over 400,000 hot dogs.

Without donations and volunteers, we would never have been able to help our community. Thank you to all who contribute! The message we hope to share with our hungry patrons is that we’re here for them and that the church is a safe place and willing to support them… at the very least, one hot dog at a time!

So come on down to “The Hot Dog Church” where we confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and proclaim Him Lord and Savior of the world!